Direct Aid Ukraine delivers urgent medical aid to front-lines

Quickly, transparently and efficiently.

We are a London-based team with families and friends in Ukraine. Our founding members work in the healthcare industry. We understand how to tackle medical shortages and logistics challenges as a small team.

Medical shortages in Ukraine

Having access to the right medical aid can mean life or death for people in Ukraine. But certain life-saving medical items are not readily available. We help to solve this.

We meet urgent medical needs

We work with groups supporting front-line medics and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to understand urgent medical aid shortages that cannot be fulfilled in Ukraine. We source critical items in Europe and deliver aid to Ukrainian combat zones where it is urgently needed.

Medical supply purchases are coordinated by Kseniya Prudyus in partnership with the Ukrainian Ministry Of Health and Help to Save Ukraine.

We provide photo evidence of all aid purchases, dispatches and deliveries – you have full visibility of how funds are spent.

Help us save lives!

Our goal is to raise £25,000 by end of July for life-saving medical aid.
This sum will allow us to make 4-5 shipments of medical aid worth £5-6,000.
All we need is your donation.

Direct Aid Ukraine is fully Volunteer run: all funds go to aid.

We ensure transparent fundraising through our partnership with British-Ukrainian Aid, a registered
charity in the UK, No. 1164472

To get involved as a fundraiser or a volunteer contact us at –
Follow us on Instagram @Directaid.Ukraine

Direct Aid Ukraine Team

Kseniya Prudyus

Kseniya was born and raised in Odesa, Ukraine before moving to the UK at the age of 14 to pursue her education. Kseniya graduated with BSc in Biomedical Science from King’s College London, followed by an MSc in International Health Policy from LSE. Kseniya's father is a doctor, who currently works at the Odesa Military Hospital. His work drives and inspires Kseniya’s to do her part in reducing health inequality and increasing individual and public health wellbeing. Kseniya’s professional experience in the healthcare industry, coupled together with her deep ties to and strong love of Ukraine, prompted Kseniya to create this non-profit in order to do her part in supporting the people of Ukraine through medical aid.

Aonia Traxler

Aonia has been deeply moved by the incredible work her Ukrainian friends have been doing to support their home country, and wants to help by contributing to Direct Aid Ukraine.  During her graduate studies, she was one of the organizers of the inaugural Harvard Public Health Hackathon, where she brought together students and professionals from diverse disciplines including medicine, law and business to tackle the most pressing public health issues. She aims to use this multidisciplinary, systems thinking approach to help coordinate the delivery of direct medical aid to Ukraine.

Stevan Cirkovic

Stevan is a civil servant in the Department of Health and Social Care, currently working on medical technologies and volunteers as a Lay Partner at Imperial College Healthcare Trust. Recalling that his own grandparents became refugees through armed conflict, he wants to use his expertise to help the people of UkraineHe has a strong healthcare background from working in management consulting (Boston Consulting Group, Kaiser Associates) and holds an MSc in Health Policy, Planning, and Financing from LSE and LSHTM. Stevan was born in Germany to a German mother and a Serbian father, moved to London in 2015, and is a dual British-German national. His values are informed by his Buddhist Zen meditation practice and Star Trek. 

Kristina Gren
Marketing Director
Kristina was born in Lithuania to Ukrainian parents and has a deep connection to her Ukrainian heritage. She has been living in the UK since 1999. 
As a B2B marketing professional, Kristina has worked for major blue-chip companies and ambitious tech startups to deliver impactful marketing campaigns. She currently serves as an Associate Director of Marketing at Firstsource.
Kristina holds a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Oxford and in 2020 completed an MSc in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology. As a Marketing Director Kristina applies her professional experience to raise visibility of Direct Aid Ukraine and funds for life-saving medicines.
Daneis Saber
Chief Technology Officer

Daneis was born and raised in Italy before moving to London at the age of 18 to pursue his higher education in Computer Systems Engineering.
Whilst in Italy he actively participated in organizing and engaging in protests for Syrian refugees. He engaged in multiple discussions with his local government regarding the need to raise awareness and support for people in need. Daneis strongly believes in access to shelter, support and healthcare for every person regardless of where they are coming from.
For Direct Aid Ukraine Daneis provides invaluable support through his computer science skills, helping us develop and manage the website and information resources.

Liza Sukhorukova
Communications and Social Media Management

Liza was born and brought up in Kyiv. In September 2021 she moved to London to do her A-levels. Liza deeply loves her country and since the start of this war organized numerous fundraising events at her school with £5,000 being collected already for relief efforts in Ukraine. In addition to this, Liza regularly holds assemblies at her school where she raises awareness on the current war and she also recorded podcast episodes on this topic. Back in Ukraine in 2020-21 she was a host of her own educational podcast. Never before in her life has Liza felt more proud of being a Ukrainian. Seeing how strongly united every Ukrainian is makes her realize that she is a part of a big family and that every small action makes a difference. Despite her young age, she wants to do her best to raise further awareness and encourage more people to support Ukraine.

Anastasia Melnik
Events Planning and Coordination

Anastasia’s heart beats in unison with the people of Odesa because this is the city where her family is and where she made her best childhood memories. Anastasia is taking part in this project because she deeply cares about the people in Ukraine, and she cannot stay inactive whilst her country is being attacked. Anastasia studied Psychology at Regents University and later Business Management at European School of Economics. She holds extensive experience in marketing and event planning, and she wants to apply this experience to supporting this non-profit’s objectives.